Thursday, 17 March 2016

Stockade and Pa

This presentation is about how the British and Maori people fort against each other and how a stockade and a Maori pa works I hope you enjoy Looking at all of this information.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Tomorrow People

Here is a story about John that is from a group of people with Powers called Tomorrow people. I hope you enjoy reading.

Hi my name is John and i’m a tomorrow person. We have powers known as the three T’s Teleportation, Telekinesis and telepathy and we help the world. 10 years ago I found out that I had powers and I had to run away from my hometown and never went back because I thought that I would kill people. But then these people called Tomorrow people helped me to control my powers and welcomed me into this old train station hideout.

One day at school I became really angry at someone because they were mocking me because how I looked and I began to have a fight. When I went home my mum was seated at the dining table she looked really angry and furious. As I sat she became to calm down then yelled at me “ WHY DID YOU HAVE A FIGHT DID YOU WANT TO GET KICK OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!!” I said to her “ He was mocking me so I started to push him and threw a punch.

The next day at school I fell asleep during a math lesson and was dreaming about me having powers and destroying my school and it looked pretty cool destroying everything. I had powers the could pick things up and could read people's minds also could teleport from places. As I woke up I was sitting in the hallway outside my classroom as I look around the place was a mess and there was Furniture everywhere. Then I was about to.... To be continued

Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Battle

Here is a presentation about a book called The Battle. The Battle is about two kids that have a dance battle. I hope you enjoy

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Fair Chocolate

Here is a Presentation about companies that do fair trade. This fair trade is about Chocolate Factory's that do fair trade. Fair trade is two companies that trade between each other and give more money to people that get the Cocoa from the trees.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Haunted House

Here is a story about three brothers Jeff, Jack and David that were stuck in a Haunted House. I hope you enjoy.

There lived three boys Jeff, Jack and David who were all brothers who never listened to anybody and never wanted to do their chores the mum always shouts  “ JEFF GO DO THE DISHES!!” “JACK CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!” “DAVID CLEAN THE BACKYARD!!”. They always mocked people that walked or looked funny to them and always bullied people.

Two days before Halloween they were throwing rocks at this house that there lived a man known to people as The Undead. The house looked scary and haunted it made people scared to even walk to the doorstep to trick or treat or even to deliver mail.

As they threw rocks the front door opened up and a basketball was hovering between the front door. Jeff felt like it was calling him so he went to go get it then Jack tried to stop him but he kept walking then punched him in the face and ran to go get it.

When he arrived to the front door he tried to grab it but it was only a Hologram then the house started to shake and the carpet from inside grabbed him. The two brothers ran to get him and they got sucked into the big creepy house.

When they were in the house there were no sign of lights or any kind of lamps and torches. This house was cold and filthy with toys surrounding all the brothers. Jack called out “ Is everyone okay “ David yelled “ Yes “ but there was no sign of  Jeff they stood up and looked for an opening where they could get out.

As they got up they heard a voice that sounded familiar to them and then they said “ It’s Jeff “. They saw a light leading up some steps so they started to walk towards it while they were walking towards the steps they both couldn’t move. When they looked down the toys were holding them so they began to ran but nothing happen they tired and tired.

They looked up there was a rope hanging from the ceiling so they grabbed it and pulled on it. While they were pulling the light shining on the steps started to turn off so they pulled harder and harder then they were out of the pit toys and began to ran towards the steps and ran up them.... TO BE CONTINUED