Monday, 24 February 2014

Free Blog Writing

Once upon a time there lived a big fat pander called Kung Fu hustler he was one of the best at kung Fu. One day he went to go get some bamboo while he was walking he heard foot steps then he turned around and there was lots and lots of people with knifes and guns. The leader said "defeat the Kung Fu hustler" every one started to run Kung Fu hustler just started to run towards them and kick 5 of them they went flying into the sky. When all of them was defeated Kung Fu hustler had to defeat the leader called Bruce Lee also one of the best at Kung Fu. The fight started they did really fast fighting then Bruce Lee did his special move called the frog power, frog power is when he turners into a frog and jumps and hits Kung fu hustler he is flying in the air then comes down and destroys the place. After that he went to get the bamboo and went back home but didn't tell his family what happened. Please leave a comment and thank you for reading my story.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pizap Picture

I am a Year 6 now! Welcome to my 2014 learning journey. This is a picture I created in Pizap.

Holiday Highlight

Here is my Writing about what I did in the Holidays I hope you enjoy reading it. On a hot sunny afternoon My Family and I we went to watch Wreck it Ralph. First we packed the car and went down to Pt England Reserve. The Movie didn't start until 8:30 so we just sat on the mat waiting for the Movie to start in the mean time I was playing with my friends we were fighting with two big bean bags it was a lot of fun. Some people said “free chocolate come and get some” I ran as fast as I can and I got one big chocolate bar. I gave it to my sister she loved it then some music went on and this lady started to dance and everyone started to clap for her I clapped as well. The lady stopped dancing, the Movie started. My favorite part about the movie was at the end when they got some help. The saddest part was when Ralph destroyed the car so she couldn’t race, this movie is about a someone called Ralph he Wrecks stuff and a little girl that steals his gold coin. I hope you enjoyed reading my story.