Friday, 28 June 2013

Amazing Football

This is my football writing that i did.

This morning I said “yay we have football” and I was so,so excited. We rushed down to the hall for football our coach again was Ben ,our warm up was octopus it was not like how we play it. Ben played it like this so he called categories also he called stuff like who has blue shoes,no socks and also people with white shoes then we played it again.

The next game was like octopus but with a football we had to buddy up and my buddy was Aaron then me and him sat down Ben said someone from your buddy his to get a ball so Aaron got the ball from Miss Lavakula then Ben said “people without the ball go to the middle and the people with the ball go to the end of the hall and dribble the to the people so there can tried to get the ball of you”. I had a lot of fun and thank you Ben.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Adelie Penguin and a Emperor Penguin

This is my reading work that I did.

What do Starfish eat?

I am going to tell you 3 questions. What do starfish eat? Pipi, Oysters, scallops and mussels. How it opens a mussel it? Its suckers on each half of the mussel shell and pulls and pulls sometimes it takes 3 days! How does a starfish move? It sucks to the rocks and moves.

My Giant Squid

This is my Dictagloss that I did. Hello there, Do you want to know about Squids? Well I’m going to tell you about a giant squid. It does not have a back bone but it has a head, eyes and a strong beak. The giant squids live deep under the Antarctic ocean. Scientists don’t really see them often. A squid eat all kinds of fish and shellfish.