Friday, 25 October 2013

Alphabet Key about Frames

Here is an presentation that shows you what kind of stuff that you would see in a farm.

How to make Ice Cream

Here is an presentation to show you how to make Ice Cream I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Persuasive Arguments

In New Zealand we should go school Monday to Friday so we can learn more at school like teachers. If we don’t go school 5 days a week we will not get our education that we need from teachers.

My Opinions are Schools should be on 5 days a week and Teachers should have weekends on Saturday and Sunday like us. It can be fair because teachers can learn things from us and we can learn things from them.

Thanks for listening to me remember to go to school every 5 days a week. that is what I think what is your opinion.

Friday, 18 October 2013

My Holidays

Here is a image of Willow Park and I hope you enjoy reading my Writing. In my Holidays I went to Willow Park with the Riverside in Eastern beach it is a Christian camp. I had alot of fun playing outside and on the Willow Park toys. My team was cool because some were funny and fun to play with this camp was the best camp ever. My favorite active was the Willow park toys and the water games.

Cow for sale

Here is my Reading work that I did.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

Here is my writing and a video to show my favorite team. I hope you enjoy. I woke up this morning and was really excited, "YES" I shouted school starts back today. I rushed to get ready and hurry off to school. I couldn't wait to catch up with all my friends. When the second bell went my class and I lined up by the inside door so we could walk to the hall for Immersion Assembly. We waited for the other classes to arrive. When everyone was seated Mr Burt started the assembly, he was pretending to be Mike McRoberts the 3 news presenter. Team 3’s act was funny because they had a pancake eating competition. The competitors were Noah from room 10 and Miss Walters. They put a big shirt on backwards so that the Teachers that were behind them could stick their arms through and pretend that it was their arms. The competition started and the arms were feeding the pancakes to the competitors. Mrs Barks was behind Miss Walters and she kept stuffing the pancakes into Miss Walters mouth. Miss Walters had lots of cream all over her face and in her hair. Mrs Barks was wiping cream on Noah as well. I was cracking up laughing because it was so funny. Mrs Tuala and Mrs Erasmus put cream on the rest of the pancakes and they were giving them out to the audience. I got one and halved it with Aaron. It was so delicious!!! Team 4 and team 5 did their items and then assembly was over. My Favorite part of Immersion assembly was team 3’s item because it was so hilarious. Miss Walters looked really funny when she had the cream all over her face.