Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Antarctica Movie

Here is my Antarctica Movie that I did I hope you enjoy.

Jalen Antarctica from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Searching for Sea Lions

Here is my presentation about Sea Lions by Kim Westerskov I hope you enjoy.

Antarctic Treaty

Hi there if you want to know how the Antarctic Treaty goes. The Antarctic treaty was signed by 12 countries I can tell you 3 Japan, New Zealand and Norway. They had to make a treaty because there might have been a war over who owned and had access to antarctica.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Trapped by an octopus

here is a reading work that i did. This story is about a girl and her family. They did not have much money. The girl wanted to go to a costume party at school. Her mum made her a costume. It was an octopus. She was so excited at the party she was bumping people with her tentacles. When it was time to eat, the little girl couldn’t because she was trapped in a octopus.

Going fishing

Hi there here is my Reading work. Here is some stuff that you might need if you are going fishing. you will need a fishing rod, bait, knife, snack and a net if you what.

Maori Movie

Hi there i hope you have had a good day because you are going to lean maori on this movie and I hope you enjoy our movie.

sohel Maori Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.