Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Birds Nest

Here is a reading active that me and my reading group had to do I hope you enjoy.

 Tom woke up and turned on the lamp. He pushed the sheet and Woollen rugs off himself and staggered to the Window, which was partly open. He looked up to see a full moon and there, in the moonlight, sitting on a nest in a massive gum tree, was a mother bird and her noisy baby chicks. The nest, made from twigs, straw, wool and dead grass, was swaying wildly from side to side. As it did so, the mother bird tried to calm her frightened young ones by chirping softly to them.

 1. Write the Words which tell us that it was cold. pushed the sheet and Woollen rugs off himself.

 2. Write the word which tells us that the birds lived in a large tree. sitting on a nest in a massive gum tree.

 3. The nest was made from wool, twigs, wood and dead grass True OR False?False

 4. Write the word from the story which tells us the noise that birds make.chirping

5. Write the word from the story which tells us that Tom was not fully awake when he went to the window.Staggered

 6. Why were the baby chicks noisy? swaying wildly from side to side.

 7. Was it Windy outside Tom's house?Yes 8. How do you know?swaying wildly

 9. It was very dark when Tom looked out the window True OR False? True

 10. What were Tom‘s rugs made from? Wool 11. Tom had to get out of bed to turn on his lamp True OR False?False

Tiaki Taonga DLO

Here is a DLO for Tiaki Taonga I hope you enjoy.


Year 5 and 6 Camp

Here is a writing about year 5 and 6 camp I hope you enjoy. On Wednesday last week the 12th was the year 5 and 6 camp. It was on our big Pt England School field and we slept in medium sized tents. We have camp every year for the year 5’s and 6’s for fun this year is my last year of the year 5 and 6. One of my favourite activities was Kayaking, Kayaking is when you have two paddles stuck together. There is two different names for them on your right is the spoon and on your left is the kneef. Some people fall out of the Kayak but it was so fun. There was a game called Get lost this game was just like the amazing race. We got into groups in my group was Stevenson, Sohel and mubashshira we had one ipad in each group then we get a clue. Then Mr J said “Get lost” me and my group went to where the clue said we had to Paint our self with it and 2 of them dress them self up. My favourite Active was Kayaking because it was really fun. My best part of the camp was the food because it was yummy. I hope you enjoyed reading my writing and please leave a comment.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Using Speech Marks

Here is a educreations that me and my group made about using speech marks I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Acrostic Poem

Here is a Acrostic Poem about a place called Hightgate. We had to find a word for Hightgate like H for Holidays then Writing some thing to go with it. I hope you enjoy.

H-Holidays: The kids go to their Grandparents house in the holidays.

I-Into: They went into the water and came out with Tadpoles.

G-Gate: there is a gate is in highgate.

H-Hiding: The frogs were hiding in the water.

G-Grass: The frogs was hard to see because of the tall grass.

A-Adults: The Adults was Nana and Poppa.

T-Tadpoles: there was lots of Tadpoles

E-Eating- It is time for Dinner.

Tears of Albatross

Here is a little story of what me and Aaron did together. The story is called Tears of Albatross I hope you enjoy.

Friday, 21 March 2014


Here is a map that I made on my own I hope you can go thought it.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Stem and Leaf Graph

Here is a Stem and Leaf Graph the stem is a branch and the Leaf is just a Leaf. Please leave a comment as well.

Stride Jumps

here is a recording of how many stride jumps that we can do. this is what a Stride Jump is but kept changing your legs.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Use your Wits

Using your Wits means to always do the right thing. It also means you have to follow 4 steps which are W walk away, I ignore it, T talk about it and S seek help. First we are going to talk about W walk away. If people are Bullying you, you should walk away. If you don’t walk away then there are many bad things that can happen to you. Even though they are pushing or teasing you just use your Wits. The next step is to ignore it, if people are making fun of you, walk away and ignore it. Another example is if people are teasing you, calling you names and other thing ignore it. If you talk about it, it will make you happy and it will also solve many of your problems. There are lots of thing you could talk about, like if you pet died or someone is teasing you just talk about it. To Seek help you have to find a teacher or an adult and tell them what's wrong. It also means that the person who was bullying you would learn a lesson. Using your WITS can help you by not being bullied. If you use your WITS you'll be happy and you will be able to enjoy the rest of your day knowing what you can do if that ever happens again.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Does Wellington have the fastest wind speed in New Zealand?

Here is my presentation to show the data that I Collected to answer my question Does Wellington have the fastest wind speed in New Zealand?

Monarch Butterflies Life Cycle

here is a peace of writing about Monarch Butterflies life cycle I hope you enjoy reading it and more fact. Monarch Butterflies Lay 48 eggs. When the mother lays the eggs she puts on some glue so if any insects try to eat it, it will not break. They put the egg’s under a milk leave plant when the caterpillar comes out it eats it’s way out of the egg. After it starts to eat the milk leave plant it eats and eats. While it is eating it starts to shed it’s skin. It grows bigger and bigger by the time it is a cocone it is really big. When it is turning into a cocone it does it’s last shreds it’s skin. It stays as a cocoon for two weeks and if it is winter it stays in there until winter is finish. Then it comes out and stretchers it’s wings so the blood can go through it’s wings and then starts to test the wings and flies away. That is the life cycle of a Monarch Butterfly I hope you enjoyed my life cycle story of a Monarch Butterfly. Please leave a comment. Click here if you want to learn more facts.