Monday, 7 April 2014

Swimming Explanation Writing

Here is my writing that I did I hope you enjoy reading it and please leave a comment.

 Well I have been doing swimming for 2 weeks now. The year 5 and 6 have been going swimming at the Glen Innes pools.

At the beginning of morning tea me and my maths class went to the Glen Innes pool. We walk in two lines when we all got there we went to the changing rooms. Then had a shower to wash the dirt off us then went to go seat down.

Next we got into the pool in two’s so the Intruders could put us into groups. This year I was in Group three again. The first thing that we did was freestyle and backstroke. We learn how to swim so if we are in the sea we can swim to land.

The next day the Intruder told us that we had to kept on swimming to see how many lengths we can do. I did 100 meters after that we got into our groups then jumped into the pool. Then we had to swim to the other side of thee pool.

The next day we learned a new thing you had to put one hand on the board and the other hand in the water. Then we did backstroke after that we did freestyle again. The last day of swimming we had relays and free time.

My favourite part of swimming was free time. Swimming is really cool because if you were stuck in the sea you can swim to land I hope you enjoyed reading my writing.

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  1. Dear Jalen,

    My name is Mary Alice and I am a first grade teacher from Mobile, Alabama in the United States. I was excited to read your post about learning how to swim. Mobile is located around a large body of water - the Gulf of Mexico. Can you find it on a map? We also are in an area that has hot summer weather, so many people have pools for swimming. I think it is a great idea to have swimming lessons for safety as well as fun. I wish we had that as part of our school P.E. as well. Thanks for sharing your great writing, and keep up the good work learning to be a strong swimmer.


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